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Katrina Kaif is my inspiration.


I was born in Hong Kong. My mom is British, while my father, Indian and they separated when I was very young. I have six sisters and a brother and have three of my siblings younger to me. My mother always worked for non-profit charitable organisations. She first came to India at the time of tsunami and has been here for the past 6-7 years in Madurai, doing charity work and building a school for children that is now almost complete. Due to her charitable work, as kids, we travelled across various countries with her. We never had an elaborate life and so I wouldn’t say that we would go shopping, until I started earning for myself or going to the mall or driving around in luxurious cars. Our life was very frugal, just how it is for the life of all non-profit organisation workers’ kids. We were not financially secure. I was doing home school and little bits of modelling post school in London, when I first came to India at 17 to shoot for a magazine. So, I spent the last three years before coming to India in London. One of the first people I met in Mumbai was Anaita Shroff Adajania. I walked into her office in a ganji and shorts. And she asked me, ‘You came walking on the streets like this? You will have to do a little bit of adapting.’ And I then met Atul Kasbekar and Reshma Shetty as they were working together at that time. I had always been adventurous and fearless, but the difference was that this time, I had come alone to India. I somehow sensed a huge amount of warmth in everybody and felt that Mumbai is this one big cuddly city, where everybody is so nice. I was here for about two months and spoke to photographer Farrokh Chothia and told him, ‘I am not really getting booked.’ He asked me how long have you been here? I said, ‘Two months.’ He said, ‘You are young and really impatient. Persist.

People need to know that you are here. Take your cards with your picture and drop it at all the model coordinators and agents for ad films.’ So, I would go to Famous Studios every day and stand in the long line, holding the placard with my name and number and audition for all kinds of ads. Very quickly, I started getting selected for a lot of my auditions. The only one I didn’t get selected was where, in one of them, I was required to play kabaddi, as I didn’t know what was kabaddi. I started modelling and after a few years of doing that, I got my first Hindi small but apt role in Sarkar. My first big break was in Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya with Salman.

- Katrina Kaif, when asked, “How did you come into films?” (via zaynsbiwi)
" I will get tired after saying a good morning to just three people. "
- Katrina Kaif speaking on behalf of all of us (via zaynsbiwi)

a cute guy sat next to me in chem and even asked me something,and class ended early so i got to see the beautiful sunset <3

out of the all the things they could have used for a headline from that awesome katrina interview they used “I care for Ranbir and am very protective of him”


there is this Romanian song called Anychka Maya (my Anna) and my roommate sings it to me all the time and now it’s stuck in my head and I can’t get it out 

me: i don't even care. i'm not going to talk about this anymore.
me: and you know what else? [2000 word rant]

i’m in this mode now where i know i have so much work to  do and not enough time to do it in so that is why i am doing…nothing. 

I can’t get over how awesome today was! Not only was the International Festival so much fun to participate in as part of a group but it was my dream to dance russian folk for so long and that finally happened and it was JUST SO MUCH FUN. 

there is so much amazing music out there in various genres, in different languages and i just want to listen to it alll…